1.47 Dune: Both Dead & Alive

Thomas & Jen talk about CGI babies, Chani solving a mystery CSI: Arrakis style, and Paul’s nuclear reaction.

1.46 Dune: Confrontation

Thomas & Jen talk about a weird game of button clicking overlords, Gurney’s misunderstanding, and who Jessica wishes for Paul to marry.

1.45 Dune: Reunion

Thomas & Jen talk about fantasy books, space pirates, and Paul’s reunion with an old friend.

1.44 Dune: The Test

Thomas & Jen talk about their music playlists, the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church podcast, and Paul’s worm riding test.

1.43 Dune: Alia the Strange

Thomas & Jen discuss their Thanksgiving, collecting Fremen wives like Pokemon cards, and Alia the Strange.

1.42 Dune: How to Become a Legend

Thomas & Jen discuss swearing at work; the movie Arrival, and whose fault is it really that Thomas doesn’t do chores? Oh, and Paul takes his worm riding test.

1.41 Dune: Hawat & The Baron

Thomas and Jen discuss a Dune family tree, speculate on war strategy, and wonder if the baron would be an anti-vaxxer.

1.40 Dune: Feyd Rautha

Book three! Thomas and Jen discuss the time jump, the battle for the throne, and baby bouncies.


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