1.42 Dune: How to Become a Legend

Thomas & Jen discuss swearing at work; the movie Arrival, and whose fault is it really that Thomas doesn’t do chores? Oh, and Paul takes his worm riding test.

1.41 Dune: Hawat & The Baron

Thomas and Jen discuss a Dune family tree, speculate on war strategy, and wonder if the baron would be an anti-vaxxer.

1.40 Dune: Feyd Rautha

Book three! Thomas and Jen discuss the time jump, the battle for the throne, and baby bouncies.

1.37 Dune: The Web of Brains

Thomas and Jen discuss the drunken orgy acid trip and wonder if the opening quote is a Haiku (it’s not).

1.36 Dune: Arrival

Thomas and Jen talk about things you can make with spice, things Paul has inherited from Jamis, and how every house has its unique scent.

1.35 Dune: Giedi Prime

Thomas and Jen talk about bouldering, baby teeth, and the Baron’s plan for instituting systemic racism on Arrakis. Thomas narrowly avoids giving up a spoiler.

1.34 Dune: I Am a Friend of Jamis

Thomas and Jen talk about their Disney cat, whether or not Dune is a white savior story, and what if shedding tears could kill you.

1.33 Dune: Fear Is the Mind Killer

A Zug has left the nest! Plus more cat talk. Thomas and Jen discuss “the terrified man fights himself,” and how does it feel to be a killer?


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