• Season One Trailer: DUNE

    This season on the Mama Media Podcast, Thomas and his mom, Jennifer, are reading Dune, by Frank Herbert.

  • 1.01 Dune: The Box of Pain

    Thomas and Jen introduce themselves and begin discussing Chapter One of Dune, where Paul encounters trouble with a mysterious witch and her strange box.

  • 1.02 Dune: The Baron Has a Plan
  • 1.03 Dune: The Tripod of Power

    Thomas and Jen learn about the world of Dune’s tripod of power, and Thomas declares he is never wrong.

  • 1.04 Dune: Paul’s Companion Teachers

    Thomas and Jen talk about poet warriors, companion teachers, and life lessons for 15 year olds.

  • 1.05 Dune: Dr. Yueh

    Thomas and Jen learn that a sink and pan are not just in the kitchen, and Jen wants to know what Thomas would sacrifice to save her life.

  • 1.06 Dune: Duke Leto!

    Thomas and Jen talk about Seattle snow storms and parenting with dangerous facts. Thomas declares he is the pronunciation expert, but… what is a “frygrate”?

  • 1.07 Dune: Shadout Mapes

    Thomas and Jen talk about prophesies, fancy daggers, and that time Thomas snuck a pocket knife through airport security.

  • 1.08 Dune: The Feud

    Thomas and Jen talk about dark stories for kids and the origin story of the Harkonen / Atreides feud.

  • 1.09 Dune: Something Happened!

    Thomas and Jen talk about water debts, ornithopters, and Groundhog Day movies.


Entertaining and thoughtful!

― Jen

This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard.

― Thomas